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SA Government Cybersecurity Changes

From the 1st of October, the 100,000+ suppliers registered on will begin regularly reporting their Essential Eight cybersecurity preparedness to the South Australian Government, using the Consolidated Tenders cybersecurity reporting tool.

Theses suppliers are not just in South Australia, but widely distributed across Australia.

Connect With 280,000+ Businesses

For many government suppliers this will be their first encounter with the Essential Eight. This will likely lead many of them to look for advice and assistance from cybersecurity professionals in both assessment and compliance rectification.

Consolidated Tenders allows you to display your company’s capabilities and contact information directly on the cybersecurity reporting page. Promote yourself to these suppliers at the very moment they need assistance.

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Bidding and Advertising

Create your Cyber Service Provider profile, then bid for your position on the Cyber Service Provider list in each state. You can bid different amounts for different states. You don’t need to bid for all states.

The list of Cyber Service Providers in the supplier’s state will be displayed on the Consolidated Tenders cybersecurity reporting tool, ordered by:

  • The highest bid for that state
  • The longest continuous advertiser

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Consolidated Tenders runs online tendering services for many governments, including South Australia. Their portal, SA Tenders & Contracts (, is powered by the Consolidated Tenders Platform and is integrated with our unified portal,

The Consolidated Tenders portal gives suppliers the opportunity to present themselves to all buyers registered with all governments, and do it from in one place. When suppliers report their cybersecurity compliance on, they report it to all governments that power their tendering sites using the Consolidated Tenders Platform.